June Building Project Prayer Letter 六月建堂事工代禱信

June Building Project Prayer Letter 六月建堂事工代禱信

PDF of the Prayer Letter:

June Eng version- Building Project Prayer Letter, 2018


While this prayer letter is under editing the clouds gathered and drops of rain fell on the building site, God moved in the heart of a sister and a minister to pray with a group of parents and children that God will send the rainclouds away. God listened to our humble request (literally) right away. With clear sky and a few more hours of sweated labor, the entire frame of the multi-purpose hall is built. (The top photo is captured on 6/2/2018, day 1 of the MBB team around 8:30am, and the bottom photo at 5pm.

當寫這封代禱信的時候,天開始烏雲密佈並下起了雨點。神感動一位姊妹和傳道人帶領一群家長和孩子們禱告求神移開烏雲,感謝神隨即應允了我們卑微的訴求,天轉晴了. 再經過幾小時的同心協力,多功能交誼廳的匡架豎立好了. (上圖是六月二日2018年上午8:30拍的,是MBB開始的第一天,另一張是約下午5點拍的

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使 徒 傳 2:17 神 說 : 在 末 後 的 , 我 要 將 我 的 靈 澆 灌 凡 有 氣的。你們的兒女要說預 ;你們的少 要 象;老 要做 夢。

感谢 与 赞美

有两位姐妹在晨光团契当 中接受 主耶稣,加入神的家庭!

也感谢吴牧师为我 们带来 次精彩绝伦的福 信息「从悲伤到复兴」和欢乐, 使我们有如恩雨降临!