Proposal for Sunday Schedule Change

Gideon Lee

July 21, 2018

We have been discussing among leaders at CBCGL about scheduling change in our Sunday program to better utilize the new building when it is available.  We introduced at the April English ministry business meeting a proposal to pilot test from September to November an 11:15-12:30 worship time for the English service, with the goal of making it a permanent time in the new sanctuary if it works out logistically.  The proposal has the support of the meeting participants.  Since then, different ministry committees have been consulted and it was brought up at the Council meeting.  The responses have generally been supportive and accommodating.  Both the Mandarin and the Cantonese ministry committees are receptive to the suggestion of moving the Chinese worship services to 9:45-11:05.    

When I came up with the idea of pilot test for three months, I designed it so that it will affect the English adults and youths internally.  However, as this idea is deliberated at the Cantonese ministry committee and the Council, an amended proposal is emerging that we could perhaps broaden the pilot test churchwide in Building A to make for a more realistic logistic simulation for what is to come. 

This is roughly what the churchwide pilot test beginning September might entail:


        Mandarin service at the 1/F sanctuary.

        Cantonese service at the 2/F sanctuary.

        Youth and Children Sunday school classes in their current classrooms.

        The new English “community fellowship” at 2/F (English) kitchen or 1/F Cantonese Newcomer Room.  Other classes in various 2/F classrooms.


        Mandarin Sunday school class in their current 2/F classrooms.

        Cantonese Sunday school class at the 2/F sanctuary.

        Children worship at the 1/F children worship room (“ping-pong room”).

        English/Youth service at the 1/F sanctuary.

The Mandarin and Cantonese plan to hold combined worship on the first Sunday of each month beginning September.  On some Sundays, Children may join the early part of the English/Youth service.

The main advantage of this amended proposal is that it simulates the new schedule more completely.  While every ministry will relocate when the new building is available, this plan already reflects what is to come.  It gives us a lead-time of several months to work out the transition logistics. 

I want to emphasize that this is only a proposal.  Because the schedule affects every ministry, we want to proceed only when we have a consensus across ministries.  In all consensus-building exercises, there are gives and takes.  But to highlight the positives, here are some immediate benefits:

        In the poll done several months ago, the Cantonese congregation expressed preferences for an early service, but only in a sanctuary setting.

        Cantonese and Mandarin are having combined service in the summer.  This pilot could mean Cantonese worship doesn’t have to move to 11:25 in September, only to move back to an earlier slot when the new building is available.

        It gives English ministry to try out ways to make use the expanded seating capacity.  Not only does it mean more immediate opportunity to test run special family-oriented Sundays with children joining, it also enables us to test run ideas of community outreach, joint services with other churches, and hosting of short term local mission teams.  All of these are growth ideas that we have been discussing at the English ministry for some time.

There are foreseeable disadvantages and unintentional consequences with any changes.  But rather than enumerating all the hypothetical downsides here, it should be emphasized that the main purpose of a pilot test is to find them out.  The inputs and comments from everyone are therefore much appreciated.  Please take time to think about these proposals and bring forth constructive suggestions!

MBB-Week Media Coverage

Here is a list of media coverages for the MBB week.

●(Newspaper) Lowell Sun Published on 6/8

 ●(Newspaper) Westford Eagle Published on 6/7 edition

●(Newspaper) Chelmsford Independent Published on 6/14 edition.

●Boston Globe 6/24/2018

(TV) Lowell TV Channel 8  9:00am@6/14/2018

 Channel 99  8:30am@6/14/2018

(Click “Watch Now” of “LTC News:June 14,2018″. Our news is at about 11’11” in the video)

●(TV) Westford CAT


(This is a LD version. Final HD version to be posted soon after more edits)

●(TV) Chelmsford CAT


June Building Project Prayer Letter 六月建堂事工代禱信

June Building Project Prayer Letter 六月建堂事工代禱信

PDF of the Prayer Letter:

June Eng version- Building Project Prayer Letter, 2018


While this prayer letter is under editing the clouds gathered and drops of rain fell on the building site, God moved in the heart of a sister and a minister to pray with a group of parents and children that God will send the rainclouds away. God listened to our humble request (literally) right away. With clear sky and a few more hours of sweated labor, the entire frame of the multi-purpose hall is built. (The top photo is captured on 6/2/2018, day 1 of the MBB team around 8:30am, and the bottom photo at 5pm.

當寫這封代禱信的時候,天開始烏雲密佈並下起了雨點。神感動一位姊妹和傳道人帶領一群家長和孩子們禱告求神移開烏雲,感謝神隨即應允了我們卑微的訴求,天轉晴了. 再經過幾小時的同心協力,多功能交誼廳的匡架豎立好了. (上圖是六月二日2018年上午8:30拍的,是MBB開始的第一天,另一張是約下午5點拍的

招募禱告勇士 Recruiting prayer warriors

sign up this prayer movement


MBB Week Information

Dear MBB-week hosts and volunteers,

Here are seven quick reminders and two PDFs for your handy reference this coming week. 

1. MBB will arrive at different days and time (most of them arrive on Friday), please obtain their flight information (arrival and departure) if possible.

2. Potluck-style dinner will start at 6PM Friday 6/1 at the 1/F cafeteria and throughout the evening until 9PM.  There will be a brief welcoming time at 6:30PM.  The whole family of every host is invited to join the Friday night dinner.  But please RSVP with Sophia Wong ( and plan to chip in your potluck dish!

3. The volunteers need to get up to come to church very early Saturday morning (7AM) after a long day of travel on Friday 6/1. (Some will have been up since 4AM).  Please make it easier for them to get to bed earlier!

4. CBCGL will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the volunteers on Saturday 6/2 at 7AM, 12PM, and 6PM.  

5. You as the host are expected to serve breakfast to the volunteers on Sunday 6/3.  CBCGL will have combined Sunday service at McCarthy Middle School starting 10-11:30AM.  Please feel free to make sight-seeing and dining plan with the volunteers for the rest of the day.

6. The volunteers are scheduled to arrive at church 7AM on Saturday 6/2 and 6AM on Monday through Friday 6/4 to 6/8.  They take care of their own breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They will have a time of worship and testimony after dinner every evening around 7PM at the 1/F sanctuary.  You are welcome to join.  They will leave church after 8:30PM. 

7. The volunteers will start packing after lunch on Friday 6/8.  They will take care of dinner themselves that evening.  Unless they indicated to your otherwise, most will stay at the host Friday overnight and leave on Saturday 6/9.

Host Family Q&A 05292018

Revised MBB Whole Week Schedule V.2 2018.05.29

As always, feel free to send CCVB coworkers questions and suggestions through email or other channels (e.g. WeChat, WhatsApp). Thank you!

Pastor Gideon

招募禱告勇士 Recruiting prayer warriors

Dear CBCGL Prayer Warriors

Praise God that I have personally heard and seen the works of the Spirit on brothers and sisters in moving their hearts to prayer and their hands to prepare for the MBB volunteer team to partner with us in the building project. I believe many of you have used the May Prayer Letter to pray corporately this month either at home, at church, or both. The Holy Spirit has also empowered our prayer ministry team to recruit more prayer warriors. Indeed we pray for everyone in CBCGL that you will sign up this prayer movement for the following month(s) to use the attached prayer calendar to pray everyday with a specific petition before the Lord. This is an example of the prayer items for yesterday and today.

15 16
Pray for the construction company will get the foundation done before end of May Pray for our church to join God in what he is doing; to experience the blessing of showing hospitality; and to see this project as an opportunity to share the gospel

We believe in a revival through prayer because God has promised to His people in 2 Chr. 7:14 that “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”



15 16
祈求神保守建築公司(GMBC) 可以在五月㡳之前準時完成地基工程,六月第一个星期MBB的義工团可以順利的開始建造未加工架構(framing)工作”. 求神讓我們的教會與祂同工,經歷好客的福氣,並將建堂事工看作一個傳福音的好機會.



 May 2018 – Prayer Calendar for Building Project – Chinese (禱告日曆)

May 2018 – Prayer Calendar for Building Project – English

为建堂义工提名代祷 Pray for the Volunteer Builders by Name



Chinese version – Building Project Prayer letter-May, 2018 doc 五月-建堂事工代祷信

English version- Building Project Prayer letter-May, 2018

Dear CBCGL Family,

Please use this letter to pray on everyday this month:

  • Monday- Pray that we will have a united vision to seek God for a revivalthrough CBCGL to the Greater Lowell
  • Tuesday- Pray that as we build this building we would be more excited to fill the building with peoplewho worship our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Wednesday- Pray for our church to join God in what he is doing; to experience the blessing of showing hospitality; and to see this project as an opportunity to share the gospel!
  • Thursday- Pray that God will raise you and others to sign up and help: Hosting, Food Preparation, Ladders, Building, Prayer, Children’s Program
  • Friday- Pray that people will fill with joywhile serving the Lord and the volunteers, and will fill out the detailed information form

Saturday & Sunday- Pray for an outpouring of the Spirit to all God’s people in CBCGL and the Greater Lowell

Thank you for your partnership in prayer for the building project and revival of CBCGL and the Greater Lowell!


Building Project Prayer Ministry




  • 週一: 求神讓我們有合一的異象,祈求神復興從CBCGL起,並擴展到整個大羅威爾地區
  • 週二: 求神讓我們在建堂的同時能更熱心地使教堂裏充滿敬拜主耶穌基督的子民
  • 週三: 求神讓我們的教會與祂同工,經歷好客的福氣,並將建堂事工看作一個傳福音的好機會
  • 週四: 求神繼續感動你和他人回應與服事:住房,食物預備,梯子,建造,禱告,兒童節目
  • 週五: 請為弟兄姐妹能夠在服事主和人的時候充滿喜樂,和盡快完成詳細資料報告禱告
  • 週六& 週日: 求神把聖靈澆灌在會眾身上從CBCGL起並擴展到整個大羅威爾地區





不變根基 嶄新造型 (Transformation on an Unchanging Foundation)



還有,客要一味的款待” (13節。煮多過一味大概也可以!) 即將來臨的主日,是報名支持義工的截止日期。如果你準備提供床位招待義工,或在教會現場支持,請盡快到網上報名。阿拉巴馬州的建堂隊伍有超過140名的義工,所以仍然需要多一些床位。如果你已經報名,請留意一份邀請您提供詳細資料的電郵,盡快回覆。

因為今年建堂的工程,教會的行事曆有些改變。 6/36/24主日,我們會跟義工團一起到McCarthy Middle School 聯合崇拜。6/24崇拜後,我們會與馬利蘭州來的弟兄姊妹一起到Great Brook Farm State Park 野餐旅行。因為馬利蘭的義工團, 有比較多的小孩子同行, 我們今年的VBS會在他們到訪六月最後一個星期下午舉行。 6/29週五晚上,我們會有第一次的獻堂慶典。衛拿單牧師會在主日的教會近況座談會為這些事情詳細報告。

最後亦是最重要的: 我們必須同心禱告 ! 下星期三晚,是建堂義工團抵達前,最後一次我們每月的聯合祈禱會。為使更多弟兄姊妹可以在家中參加,聯合祈禱會將在教會的網站上直播。 這是閤府統請的聚會,大中小朋友都歡迎! 順帶一提,如果你錯過了教會清拆的直播,在這裏有兩個高速重溫。




Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Whenever I arrive at church these days, the scene of the construction site strikes me as a vivid illustration of a spiritual truth.  There is an unchanging foundation on which transformation takes place.   The good, pleasing, and perfect will of God never changes, but to discern His will in this age, our mind must be renewed and our life must be transformed (Rom. 12:2).  How? We must begin by resisting the temptation to conform to the pattern of the world, which is to super-size our ego (v. 3).  Instead, every believer and every church ought to do the part that God has given them, no more and no less (v. 4-8). 

And, “seek to show hospitality” (v. 13).  This coming Sunday is the deadline for registering to support the volunteer builders.  Now is the time to sign up online if you plan to host or serve at church in the first and last week of June!  More than 140 will be coming from Alabama; we could use the help for more hosts.  If you have already registered, you should receive an email inviting you to fill our more detailed information.  Please reply ASAP! 

We are making a few church calendar changes around the volunteer builder project.  On the Sundays of 6/3 and 6/24, we will hold combined worship services at the McCarthy Middle School together with the volunteer builders.  We will have the annual church picnic after worship service on 6/24, together with the Maryland team, at the Great Brook Farm State Park.  Because the Maryland team will bring with them children, we plan to organize an afternoon-only VBS during the week they come.  On Friday 6/29, we plan to have the first building dedication inside the new building!  Pastor Nathan Willems will give a report of all these plans at the state-of-the-church meeting this coming Sunday.

Lastly but most importantly, we must pray!  Next Wednesday, we will have the last combined monthly prayer meeting before the volunteer builders arrive.  To make it possible for more to participate – in spirit if not in person, we will broadcast the meeting online at the church web site.  Please make time to join with your family – kids are very welcome.  By the way, if you missed the demolition live broadcast, see two recaps here.


Gideon Lee

English Ministry Pastor, CBCGL



Dear CBCGL Family, 

 Praise God for the opportunity for our church to pray in one spirit for the building project and having this prayer chain ministry to keep the church informed on critical and urgent prayer needs. 

Starting from April, the building project prayer ministry will send out a prayer letter so that you can pray with your family and small group with the prayer requests from CCVB- Committee for the Coordination of Volunteer Builders. 

In this month, we also encourage you to pray for spiritual renewal from CBCGL to the Greater Lowell. Head of  household and small group leader can use this prayer letter to pray a section at a time with others throughout this month. 

Thank you for your partnership in prayer for revival!


Building Project Prayer Ministry

讚美神 让我们教会有机会同感一灵为建堂事工祷告,也感谢神让我们有这样一个祷告链事工以随时通报教会任何重大的和紧急的代祷需要。感谢神兴起招募祷告勇士来发展战略性的祷告事工。
从四月起,建堂祷告事工会发出代祷信让你能与家人和小组一起为建堂志愿者负责同工委员会 (CCVB)祷告。


Chi version – Building Project Prayer letter-April, 2018

Eng version- Building Project Prayer letter-April, 2018