CBCGL Child Information Form 2018-2019

CBCGL Child Information Form 2018-2019


The following form is required for EVERY CHILD (newborn to 6th grade) attending any children’s program in CBCGL.
Please fill out the form EVERY SCHOOL YEAR and return to Children’s Ministry.
參加任何兒童活動的小孩必須每學年完成這項表格。请把填好的表格递交给儿童事工的同工。Please note that the parents are to pick up their children at the end of our children’s programs (regular
programs are conducted during 9:45-12:30pm on Sundays and 7:30-9:30pm on Fridays).
Our church cannot take responsibility for the children beyond our program time.

www.lowell.church 197 Littleton Road Chelmsford, MA 01824 Tel: (978) 256 3889

Thank you!

June Building Project Prayer Letter 六月建堂事工代禱信

June Building Project Prayer Letter 六月建堂事工代禱信

PDF of the Prayer Letter:

June Eng version- Building Project Prayer Letter, 2018


While this prayer letter is under editing the clouds gathered and drops of rain fell on the building site, God moved in the heart of a sister and a minister to pray with a group of parents and children that God will send the rainclouds away. God listened to our humble request (literally) right away. With clear sky and a few more hours of sweated labor, the entire frame of the multi-purpose hall is built. (The top photo is captured on 6/2/2018, day 1 of the MBB team around 8:30am, and the bottom photo at 5pm.

當寫這封代禱信的時候,天開始烏雲密佈並下起了雨點。神感動一位姊妹和傳道人帶領一群家長和孩子們禱告求神移開烏雲,感謝神隨即應允了我們卑微的訴求,天轉晴了. 再經過幾小時的同心協力,多功能交誼廳的匡架豎立好了. (上圖是六月二日2018年上午8:30拍的,是MBB開始的第一天,另一張是約下午5點拍的

招募禱告勇士 Recruiting prayer warriors

sign up this prayer movement


2018 Joint VBS Camp- Camper/ Volunteer Forms

Letter to parents regarding the change of CBCGL’s VBS date and a list of near  VBS 2018 Info for Parents

本教会与马里兰州MBFC 建筑义工团队联合举办的VBS营会将在六月的最后一周 (25-26日,28-29日)进行。时间9:00am-3:00pm (可延长至6pm)。内容包括故事,圣经学习,游戏,手工工艺,室内和室外活动等。详情请见报名表说明。同时鼓励青少年及成人同工报名参与服事。报名截止日期6月15日。

This year CBCGL and MBFC will have a special VBS on 6/25-26, 28-29 from 9-3pm, with a extended program from 3-6pm. The joint activities including story time, bible verse, games, crafts, plus a lot of fun inside or outside activities.

2018 Joint VBS Camp- Camper Registration Form

2018 Joint VBS Volunteer Application Form

Where: Chinese Bible Church of Greater Lowell, 197 Littleton Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824
Who: Children entering K – Grade 6
When: June 25-26, 28-29, 2018 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9A.M.-3 P.M. and 3-6P.M. (extended program)
What: Joined activities with the MBFC volunteers team with the following tentative program:
9 worship
10 small group vbs time –story, bible verse, games, crafts, inside or outside activities
1 lunch and worship
3 off site activity- park, swimming, museum, zoo, or activities from Experiencing God at Home
6 dinner and worship (Joining with the MBFC team)

Fee: $10/ child each day, and half price for the additional child(s) from the same family
* $25 late fee will be charged if registered after June 17th
* Make check payable to CBCGL with VBS and camper’s name(s), age in memo field
* Financial Aid is available. Please contact Minister Tom Chow or Deacon Thomas Chen via children.cbcgl@gmail.com
Questions: children.cbcgl@gmail.com, 978-256-3889


KM Parents and Coworkers fellowship meeting on this Sunday (05/20)

To Parents and Children’s Ministry Coworkers

Greetings with love and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ.

We hope that you had a chance to celebrate with our children’s ministry on Mother’s Day and enjoyed the green-tea cake with the fellowship of each other. Here is the slideshow if you missed it last Sunday.
We also want to invite you to join the Sunday school teachers and worship leaders fellowship meeting on this Sunday (05/20) from 12:45 – 1:30 pm at CBCGL Children’s chapel.
Parents can join with either team for fellowship and some training on the following topics:
The Sunday school team will discuss with parents on “How to”
1. Building up Godly Homes
2. Bringing up Godly Children
The worship team we will discuss with parents and interested coworkers on
1. Go over some tips to lead worship.
2. Go over songs/hymns on the internet, Lifeworship, or from hymn books.
3. Sing with the parents/teachers to model the involvement/participation.

We hope to see all of you at the meeting!

Children’s Ministry

Sunday school Team and Worship Team

招募禱告勇士 Recruiting prayer warriors

Dear CBCGL Prayer Warriors

Praise God that I have personally heard and seen the works of the Spirit on brothers and sisters in moving their hearts to prayer and their hands to prepare for the MBB volunteer team to partner with us in the building project. I believe many of you have used the May Prayer Letter to pray corporately this month either at home, at church, or both. The Holy Spirit has also empowered our prayer ministry team to recruit more prayer warriors. Indeed we pray for everyone in CBCGL that you will sign up this prayer movement for the following month(s) to use the attached prayer calendar to pray everyday with a specific petition before the Lord. This is an example of the prayer items for yesterday and today.

15 16
Pray for the construction company will get the foundation done before end of May Pray for our church to join God in what he is doing; to experience the blessing of showing hospitality; and to see this project as an opportunity to share the gospel

We believe in a revival through prayer because God has promised to His people in 2 Chr. 7:14 that “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”



15 16
祈求神保守建築公司(GMBC) 可以在五月㡳之前準時完成地基工程,六月第一个星期MBB的義工团可以順利的開始建造未加工架構(framing)工作”. 求神讓我們的教會與祂同工,經歷好客的福氣,並將建堂事工看作一個傳福音的好機會.



 May 2018 – Prayer Calendar for Building Project – Chinese (禱告日曆)

May 2018 – Prayer Calendar for Building Project – English

为建堂义工提名代祷 Pray for the Volunteer Builders by Name



Chinese version – Building Project Prayer letter-May, 2018 doc 五月-建堂事工代祷信

English version- Building Project Prayer letter-May, 2018

Dear CBCGL Family,

Please use this letter to pray on everyday this month:

  • Monday- Pray that we will have a united vision to seek God for a revivalthrough CBCGL to the Greater Lowell
  • Tuesday- Pray that as we build this building we would be more excited to fill the building with peoplewho worship our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Wednesday- Pray for our church to join God in what he is doing; to experience the blessing of showing hospitality; and to see this project as an opportunity to share the gospel!
  • Thursday- Pray that God will raise you and others to sign up and help: Hosting, Food Preparation, Ladders, Building, Prayer, Children’s Program
  • Friday- Pray that people will fill with joywhile serving the Lord and the volunteers, and will fill out the detailed information form

Saturday & Sunday- Pray for an outpouring of the Spirit to all God’s people in CBCGL and the Greater Lowell

Thank you for your partnership in prayer for the building project and revival of CBCGL and the Greater Lowell!


Building Project Prayer Ministry




  • 週一: 求神讓我們有合一的異象,祈求神復興從CBCGL起,並擴展到整個大羅威爾地區
  • 週二: 求神讓我們在建堂的同時能更熱心地使教堂裏充滿敬拜主耶穌基督的子民
  • 週三: 求神讓我們的教會與祂同工,經歷好客的福氣,並將建堂事工看作一個傳福音的好機會
  • 週四: 求神繼續感動你和他人回應與服事:住房,食物預備,梯子,建造,禱告,兒童節目
  • 週五: 請為弟兄姐妹能夠在服事主和人的時候充滿喜樂,和盡快完成詳細資料報告禱告
  • 週六& 週日: 求神把聖靈澆灌在會眾身上從CBCGL起並擴展到整個大羅威爾地區







使 徒 傳 2:17 神 說 : 在 末 後 的 , 我 要 將 我 的 靈 澆 灌 凡 有 氣的。你們的兒女要說預 ;你們的少 要 象;老 要做 夢。

感谢 与 赞美

有两位姐妹在晨光团契当 中接受 主耶稣,加入神的家庭!

也感谢吴牧师为我 们带来 次精彩绝伦的福 信息「从悲伤到复兴」和欢乐, 使我们有如恩雨降临!




Dear CBCGL Family, 

 Praise God for the opportunity for our church to pray in one spirit for the building project and having this prayer chain ministry to keep the church informed on critical and urgent prayer needs. 

Starting from April, the building project prayer ministry will send out a prayer letter so that you can pray with your family and small group with the prayer requests from CCVB- Committee for the Coordination of Volunteer Builders. 

In this month, we also encourage you to pray for spiritual renewal from CBCGL to the Greater Lowell. Head of  household and small group leader can use this prayer letter to pray a section at a time with others throughout this month. 

Thank you for your partnership in prayer for revival!


Building Project Prayer Ministry

讚美神 让我们教会有机会同感一灵为建堂事工祷告,也感谢神让我们有这样一个祷告链事工以随时通报教会任何重大的和紧急的代祷需要。感谢神兴起招募祷告勇士来发展战略性的祷告事工。
从四月起,建堂祷告事工会发出代祷信让你能与家人和小组一起为建堂志愿者负责同工委员会 (CCVB)祷告。


Chi version – Building Project Prayer letter-April, 2018

Eng version- Building Project Prayer letter-April, 2018