Church News 12/9/2018

·    Come help out with our Fall cleanup today starting 12:30pm.  Areas to be cleaned and group assignment are posted.  We will focus on raking the building A side due to the on-going construction.

·    The 73rd baptism will be held today from 2-3PM at the Fusion Church in Lowell (125 Mt Hope St, Lowell, MA 01854).  Come to witness and bless the brothers and sisters getting baptized.

·    Join us for caroling on Christmas Eve at 5pm at the New England Pediatric Center (NEPC), 78 Boston Road, North Billerica.   See online bulletin for registration link.

·    In order to ensure the 2018 Tax Receipt for your offerings bears your correct address, please provide your new/correct address on your offering check if the address printed on the check is different. You may also email Ken Mak, Treasurer Deacon at                 If you want your offering to be included in your charitable contribution for the tax year of 2018, please place your offering checks in the offering bags by the last Sunday of this year, 12/30/2018 or mail them to Church postmarked 12/31/2018 or before.

·    Year 2019 children ministry will be started. How to spread gospel to children, help our children never deviate from God’s truth. Welcome all to join children ministry. We will need co-workers to help leading worship, to teach Sunday School, to lead Friday night fellowship

·    Church book store will start selling 2019 calendar for $6 each.

·    Welcome CBCGL brothers and sisters to join the 2018 New England Students Winter Camp:  Link to register online:  (Deadline is Dec 9th 2018) Contact number is 413-366-1317 and location is Pittsfield, MA Cost: $140.00 (include room and food) before Thanksgiving Time 12/21 – 25/2018.

COCM Christmas Family Gospel Camp: 12/24 – 12/27; Students gospel camp: 12/28-1/1.  If you would like to serve at the camp, please email mission committee member Alsa Shih at


  1. 財務事工: ()為了確保你的2018年奉獻收據地址正確,,若您已搬迁或支票上印有不同的地址,請在奉獻支票上寫上正確的新地址。亦可用電郵通知麥景陽財務執事( 想將的奉獻算入2018報稅慈善捐獻內,請於今年最後一個星期日12/30/2018或之前將的奉獻支票放入奉獻袋內或郵寄(郵戳12/31/2018或之前)給教會。
  2. 主日会前祷告会於每主日早上9:05A111擧行,欢迎弟兄姐妹积极参加,当日服事的同工请务必出席。
  3. 儿童事工: ()為周毅敦傳道在晨光團契及安多福(Andover)福愛團契的服事顺利开展祷告() 理事会通过成立了儿童事工指导委员会。成员包括陈卫华,谢颖刚,吴鸿铭,和左安琪。委员会于20181026日起开始领导各项儿童事工求神兴起更多同工搭配服事。
  4. 晨光長者團契和以斯帖姐妹團契: 於每星期三上午10点聚会,欢迎各位介绍亲朋好友,与人同得福音的好处。详情请洽周传道舆王若彤姐妹
  5. Operation Christmas Child (聖誕禮物鞋盒)本主日 (11/18) 最后一天在二楼交谊厅收集,请會眾踊跃参与并将福音分享出去。切记将$15支票(邮费兒童信徒造就課程费用)放入鞋盒,详情請洽Cynthia Huang
  6. 欢迎 CBCGL的弟兄姐妹们参加 2018 新英格兰学生冬令营的同工服事网上报名: Deadline is Dec. 9. 2018)   联系电话:413-366-1317  地点:Pittsfield, MA 费用:$140 (包括食宿) before Thanksgiving 时间:12/21-25/2018 (也可选择其中的几天,但报名费不变 



8. 教會秋季大扫除將於(11/18)下午举行,请弟兄姐妹午餐后自带清扫树叶的工具及工作手套积极参加

  1. 聖誕節報佳音

將於12/8 (星期六)11:00Lowell’s Town & Country(259 Baldwin St. Lowell)下午2:00Westford House Nursing Home(3 Park Dr, Westford)舉行有意参与者请参加11/3012/79:45在二楼大堂(A210)的排练。


  1. 11. 代禱事項

(一) 十一月的國會期中選举已经结束,請為新舊任的政府和國會的領袖禱告, 希望他們敬畏神,帶領國家走在神的道路上。

() 請為聘粵語堂牧師禱告,尋牧委員會已推薦一位至牧長團隊,請為牧長們禱告,有智慧為粵語堂找到最合適的牧者。

() 感謝主! 李錚弟兄已开始新的工作也找到住所,請為他 寻找到合适的教会代禱。也為其他弟兄姐妹尋找工作代禱

() 感謝主! 袁國樞弟兄的簽證延期已獲通過,神已賜下特別的恩典,為他們預備一條出路,拿到簽證。

() 感謝主!郭士恩傳道的女兒靖知雙眼早產兒視網膜病變複檢狀況良好,請為完全醫治代禱。

() 感謝主!華語堂杜傳道和邱秀江師母在教會附近找到合適的住處及貸款,请為顺利交屋及搬家代禱。

() 感謝主!陳怡伯母尋找到家庭護理,請為她們的相處與溝通代禱

 () 江世明長老的母親有乳腺癌并有淋巴转移,請為醫師有正確的治療方案代禱,並為她的骨折順利復原代禱。

() 請為蔣安琪姊妹 LAM 疾病復發造成氣胸,手術後能完全康復代禱。

() Sam 長老的姐夫,梅兆標的肺癌已曼延到淋巴和肝臟,請為他能接受福音禱告。也求主加添 Sam 長老和 Amy 能把福音清楚的傳給他

(十一) 張勁梅姊妹身體不適,暂無确切診斷,請為医生能找到正确的病因及治疗代禱。


() 請為教会各團契感恩节活动代祷,增进弟兄姐妹彼此的关系,并有机会与慕道友分享福音。


Church News 11/18/2018

  1. Financial ministry: In order to ensure your accurate 2018 tithing receipt address, please make sure your address on your tithing check is correct. Also, can email church deacon Ken Mak for your new address (
  2. If you wish to include your tithe in year 2018 Taxable charity donation, please submit your tithe check into the tithe bag before the last Sunday 12/30/2018. Or send the check to church before the post mark on 12/31/2018.
  3. Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes – This Sunday (11/18) will be the last day to collect the shoe boxes at the 2nd floor social hall. Please remember to put $15.00 postal fee in each shoe box. Ask sister Cynthia Huang for details.
  4. Welcome CBCGL brothers and sisters to join the 2018 New England Students Winter Camp: Link to register online:  (Deadline is Dec 9th 2018) Contact number is 413-366-1317 and location is Pittsfield, MA Cost: $140.00 (include room and food) before Thanksgiving Time 12/21 – 25/2018
  5. Church Fall Cleanup will be held today’s (11/18) afternoon. Please bring your own tools for raking leaves and garden groves to participate.
  6. Christmas Caroling will be held on 12/8 (Saturday) 11:00 AM at Lowell’s Town and Country (259 Baldwin St, Lowell) and 2:00 PM at Westford House Nursing Home (3 Park Dr, Westford). Participants please join the practices on 11/30 and 12/7 at 9:45 PM at 2nd floor Sanctuary (A210).

Church News 11/4/2018

·    Please the Lord!  2018 church annual meeting had been held. May our Lord give us a united vision and wisdom so we all will continue to be united to build our church in 2019.

·    Young Adult Fellowship in the month of November to learn about Rest. Sunday, 11/4, 9:45-11AM (Room A218: Council Room) and Sunday, 11/11, 12:45-3PM (Room A201: Empower Room). Please contact Carmen Li ( if you have any questions.

·    Next Saturday 11/10, there will be a special Thanksgiving Party for UML students at the ETIC Atrium from 12:30-3PM.  If you know any UML students, please invite them to come.  Special thanks to Pat and the Ladies Fellowship for helping to serve the lunch at the party!

·    Shoe boxes will be collected and distributed from 11/12-18 at the 2nd floor social hall. Welcome all to participate and share gospel to the children in other countries. Please remember to put $15.00 postal fee in each shoe box. Ask sister Cynthia Huang for details.

·    Welcome CBCGL brothers and sisters to join the 2018 New England Students Winter Camp:  Link to register online:  (Deadline is Dec 9th 2018) Contact number is 413-366-1317 and location is Pittsfield, MA Cost: $140.00 (include room and food) before Thanksgiving Time 12/21 – 25/2018.

·    COCM Christmas Family Gospel Camp: 12/24 – 12/27; Students gospel camp: 12/28-1/1.  If you would like to serve at the camp, please email mission committee member Alsa Shih at

Please pray for the hiring of the Cantonese pastor. Ask our Lord to bring the right shepherd to come to us.


  1. 感謝主!2018 年度會員大會順利結束,求主赐下合一的異象和智慧,使長執,,同工及會眾能繼續在 2019 同心合意,,建造教會。
  2. 主日会前祷告会於每主日早上9:05A111擧行,欢迎弟兄姐妹积极参加,当日服事的同工请务必出席。
  3. 儿童事工: () 理事會通過將周毅敦傳道的主要事奉對象由兒童轉為成人。周傳道將定期在英語及粤語堂講道,事晨光團契及安多福(Andover)福愛團契,並按需要為兒童事工提供顧問。 () 理事会通过成立了儿童事工指导委员会。成员包括陈卫华,谢颖刚,吴鸿铭,和左安琪。委员会于20181026日起开始领导各项儿童事工
  4. 感谢神!青少年短宣擧行的午餐义卖中共筹得$1500。感谢弟兄姐妹对青少年事工的支持,并谢谢所有参与这项事工的各位同工的爱心奉献和摆上。
  5. 晨光長者團契和以斯帖姐妹團契: 於每星期三上午10点聚会,欢迎各位介绍亲朋好友,与人同得福音的好处。详情请洽周传道舆王若彤姐妹
  6. Operation Christmas Child (聖誕禮物鞋盒)将於11/12-18日在二楼交谊厅发放并收集,请會眾踊跃参与并将福音分享出去。切记将$15邮寄费放入鞋盒,详情請洽Cynthia Huang
  7. Ladies Fellowship将於10/10(星期六)下午12:00-3:30UML Computer Science Basement招待国际学生團契的学生感恩节晚餐。
  8. 欢迎 CBCGL的弟兄姐妹们参加 2018 新英格兰学生冬令营的同工服事网上报名: Deadline is Dec. 9. 2018)   联系电话:413-366-1317  地点:Pittsfield, MA 费用:$140 (包括食宿) before Thanksgiving  时间:12/21-25/2018 (也可选择其中的几天,但报名费不变


(一) 請為十一月六號的國會期中改選,政府和國會的領袖禱告, 希望他們敬畏神,帶領國家走在神的道路上鼓励弟兄姐妹尽自己的义务以神的心意投下神圣一票。

() 請為聘粵語堂牧師禱告,尋牧委員會已推薦一位至牧長團隊,請為牧長們禱告,有智慧為粵語堂找到最合適的牧者。

() 感謝主! 李錚弟兄已找到工作,請為他 H1b 身分轉移及找到波士顿的房子代禱。也為其他弟兄姐妹尋找工作代禱

() 江世明長老的母親腋下有腫塊,並有失智現象,請為醫師有正確的診斷與治療代禱,並為她的骨折順利復原代禱。

() 請為蔣安琪姊妹 LAM 疾病復發造成氣胸,手術後能完全康復代禱。

() 请為袁國樞弟兄的簽證更新申请代禱,求神為他們預備一條特別的出路,拿到簽證

() 感謝主!郭士恩傳道的女兒靖知雙眼早產兒視網膜病變複檢狀況良好,請為完全醫治代禱。

()感謝主!王松弟兄右邊胯關節骨裂,複檢顯示骨裂已大致順利癒合,他 已能回公司上班,請為完全癒合代

() Sam 長老的姐夫,梅兆標的肺癌已曼延到淋巴和肝臟,請為他能接受福音禱告。也求主加添 Sam 長老和 Amy 能把福音清楚的傳給他


(十一) 感謝主!陳怡伯母尋找到家庭護理,請為她們的相處與溝通代禱


Church News 10/28/2018

·    The church annual meeting will be held on 10/28 at 1:30PM.  Building project, leadership transition, deacon election, and the annual theme for 2019 are some key agenda items for this annual meeting.   The four deacon candidates for 2019 are: Joseph Chen (陈先), Thomas Chen (陈卫华), Alan Lam (林玮麟) and Charles Wang (王朝阳).  The four elder candidates are Elder Ming Chiang, Elder Rick Shih, Elder Raymond Xie and Jeremy Wu (吴鸿铭).  Please remember these candidates in your prayer.  We express our deep appreciation for the service of David Wong, Rick He, Paul Fleming and Elder Sean Lee.

·    We will have a mini-retreat for the English ministry on 11/3 (Sat), 10AM-3PM on the theme “Becoming A Welcoming Church”. Pastor John Frazier will lead our discussion.  Contact Pastor Gideon to sign up.

·    Young people in our church have the opportunity to participate in community service and cross-cultural missions, and experience God’s presence and God more in the process during our Boston and Costa Rica short term mission trips every summer. In order to support our Youth Ministry, we will hold 3 fundraisers this year. They are fall lunch, New Year Niangao charity sales and spring 5 kilo charity run. Lunch sale will be held on October 28th before our church annual meeting. Brothers and sisters can reserve tickets. Please continue to pray for the youth ministry.

Church will not hold special activity for Halloween this year. To encourage brothers and sisters to share gospel within your community, church will prepare gospel booklets for you to share.


  1. 2018年度會友大會將於日下午 1:30 舉行。届時將選舉新執事,投票通过卫拿单牧师升职为副牧师,介紹新會友,並各部門事工報告。請所有會友務必參加。2019四位執事候選人為陈先,陈卫华,林玮麟,和王朝阳四位弟兄;四位长老候选人为江世明长老,施开华长老,谢颖刚长老,和吴鸿铭弟兄。請在禱告中念他們。感谢卸任的黄永辉弟兄,何晓松弟兄,傅灵明弟兄和李新华长老。愿神念他们的事奉与摆上。
  2. 主日会前祷告会於每主日早上9:05A111擧行,欢迎弟兄姐妹积极参加,当日服事的同工请务必出席。
  3. 儿童事工 () 理事會通過將周毅敦傳道的主要事奉對象由兒童轉為成人。周傳道將定期在英語及粤語堂講道,事晨光團契及安多福(Andover)福愛團契,並按需要為兒童事工提供顧問。() 理事会通过成立了儿童事工指导委员会。成员包括陈卫华,谢颖刚,吴鸿铭,和左安琪。委员会将于20181026日起开始领导各项儿童事工
  4. 每年暑假在波士顿和哥斯达黎加举行的短期宣教活动让我们教会的青少年有机会参与到社区服务以及跨文化宣教的事工当中, 并在此过程中经历神的同在也更认识神为了支持青少年宣教事工,今年将进行今年将进行三次义卖,分别是:秋季午餐义卖(十月),春节年糕义卖(二月),以及春季五公里跑(五月)。午餐义卖定于十月二十八日会友大会当天。弟兄姐妹可以找各团契的主席预订当日的午餐。谢谢大家的支持。也请继续在祷告中纪念青少年事工
  5. 晨光長者團契和以斯帖姐妹團契: 於每星期三上午10点聚会,欢迎各位介绍亲朋好友,与人同得福音的好处。详情请洽周传道舆王若彤姐妹
  6. 11/3(星期六)103時英文堂將在本會舉辦一個迷你退修會,主題是好客的教會,John Frazier 牧師主領,報名費$10,包括午餐與《Becoming A Welcoming Church一書。詳情請看
  7. 今年Halloween 教会不举行特别活动。鼓励弟兄姐妹借此机会进行社区福音传递。教会将寄给大家如何在Halloween分享福音指南。教会也预备了福音单张可以分发给邻舍。请会后至新人台领取。
  8. 代禱事項

() 請為美國政府和國會的領袖繼續禱告,希望他們敬畏神來帶領國家,行公義好憐憫存謙卑的心。求神保守這國家走在神的道路上


() 感謝主! 李錚弟兄已找到工作,請為他 H1b 身分轉移及其他手續順利完 成代禱。也為其他弟兄姐妹尋找工作代禱

() 江世明長老的母親腋下发现有肿块,请為医生有正确的诊断和治疗及日前骨折手术的复原代祷。

() 蒋安琪姐妹的LAM疾病复发造成肺部气胸,已动过手术,请为术后复原代祷。

(六) 袁國樞弟兄的簽證因律師的嚴重失誤,將於 10/25 失效,若無法適時地獲得有效身,全家必須回國,請大家緊急代禱,求神賜下恩 典,為他們預備一條特別的出路,拿到簽證

() 感謝主,郭傳道女兒靖知的視網膜有明顯好轉,請為後續定期追蹤代禱

()感謝主!王松弟兄右邊胯關節骨裂,複檢顯示骨裂已大致順利癒合,他 已能回公司上班,請為完全癒合代

() 感謝主!李兆生弟兄的母親在 Sam 長老和 Amy 與她分享福音後接受主, 請繼續為她腸道阻塞手術後完全恢復,以及靈命成長繼續代禱

()華語堂杜傳道和師母已经在教會附近找到合適的住處正在申请贷款,請為一切手续和搬迁顺利代 禱


()Sam 長老的姐夫,梅兆標的肺癌已曼延到淋巴和肝臟,請為他能接受福音禱告。也求主加添 Sam 長老和 Amy 能把福音清楚的傳給他

() UML学生團契四次迎新全部结束,感谢主有许多新生参加,请为跟进工作代祷。

Choosing to be Tested (10/17/2018)

Dear friends,

This coming Sunday, Dr. Kai Pak Chan will bring the sermon message for us at the English service on James 1:1-15.  I mentioned it a few times already, but it is worth repeating: I very much appreciate the wisdom of the ETB editors in placing Galatians and James back to back as it provides a balanced perspective.  With our cultural addiction to religious entertainment, there couldn’t be a more timely and prophetic message than Galatians for the contemporary church-alholic Christians in America.  As I preached before, church attendance has often become the contextual equivalence of circumcision!  It calls us to critically reflect on our religion!

But how about James? The trials and temptations facing the “twelve tribes scattered among the nations,” the intended audience of James, seem a bit remote for us in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Yes, we are aware of religious persecutions happening everywhere from East to West Asia.  And yes, we do hear about the Interpol president being arrested while visiting China or WP journalist vanishing in Turkey.  However, such dangers happen a bit far from our daily lives.  We are media-savvy enough to know how to impose an information fast on ourselves if only to insulate us from the bad news of the world.  We know very much how to turn a blind eye to the lost so that we can retreat to our own echo chamber, saving our tears for our own self-pity.  In that sense, any talks of “trials and tribulations” could seem a bit shallow.  James could indeed seem very irrelevant to us.

But that need not be the case.  We need not live in a bubble.  For the first audience of James as well as for us, subjecting faith through test is a choice.  It is a conscious decision.  We want to be tested because we know that the test of faith produces perseverance, leading to maturity and success (James 1:3).  What it takes is the courage to transgress our comfort zone pre-emptively instead of reacting to it when the world makes it a battle zone.  Or at least, have the wisdom to know that hoarding wealth cannot buy you security (James 5:2-3) and the grace to recognize that “the wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you!” (James 5:4).  The relevance of the wisdom of James is therefore totally up to us.  We can choose to be wise!

This coming Friday night, Larry Urban from the Merrimack chapter of the Gideons International will visit us at the adult fellowship.  He will teach us how to use Bible cards for evangelism in our neighborhood.  Personal evangelism is the most practical way for us to meaningfully break out from our comfort zone.  It is effective.  And it will not feel awkward once you learn the basics.  So please, come to hear Larry out!

Some other upcoming events to note:

  • This Sunday, 10/21, the young adults will be having their second lesson on Worth, led by Joshua Zhang, meeting from 12:40-3:00pm in room A201 (Empower Room). Please bring your own lunch or buy from the cafeteria. If you have any questions, please contact Joshua at
  • Ladies fellowship will be meeting this coming Sunday 10/21 for a topical discussion on “Hospitality” led by Angie Willems at the EC Fellowship Hall for lunch @12:30 pm and session starts at 1:00 pm. Child care will be provided. To better prepare for child care, let Pat ( know how many of you will need child care, and the age of your child (children).
  • Men’s group will meet on Saturday morning 10/27 at Augustine Ho’s house.  All adult men are invited.  Please contact me if you are interested.
  • The annual church meeting will be held on 10/28.  The official announcement can be found here:
  • There will be a mini-retreat on hospitality, “Becoming a welcoming church,” led by Pastor John Frazier on 11/3, 10AM-3PM.  Please sign up ASAP.  More information and sign up form can be found here:
  • A baptism service is scheduled on 12/9.  It will take place in the afternoon at a church nearby.  If you want to get baptized, please contact Pastor Nathan or me.

There will be regular prayer meeting at church tonight.  I hope to see you!


Gideon Lee

English Ministry Pastor, CBCGL

2018 Annual Meeting Announcement

(English translation follows Chinese)


願恩惠、平安從我們的父神並主耶穌基督歸與你們!這封信是教會理事會誠摯邀請您來參加 本年度的教會會友大會。

日期:2018 年10 月28 日(主日)

時間:下午1:30 – 3:30


感謝神的恩典,祂看顾保守我們教会和每一個家庭每一天的生活,並在耶稣基督的恩典中不 断的建立我們成爲圣灵所居住的所在(弗2:22)。在會友大會中,讓我們一起來回顧今年各 項事工的進展,数算神的恩典,並展望明年的事工计划。在年會當中我們將欢迎新會友,选 举明年度的新執事,報告今年各堂事工的進展,同時也有建堂委員会的特别報告。事工報告 之後,將有半小時的問題回答時間,以便会友自由發言分享和提問。請所有会友務必出席。

谢颖刚长老,施开华长老,江世明长老和李新华长老,傅灵明弟兄,何晓松弟兄,黃永輝弟 兄,和陈卫华弟兄將於今年底將結束他們的长老和執事任期。我們由衷感謝他們忠心的服 事。教會理事會已通過了由提名委員會所推薦的候選人。明年度的四位长老候选人为谢颖刚 长老,施开华长老,江世明长老和吴鸿铭弟兄。四位執事候選人為:陈卫华弟兄,王朝阳弟 兄,陈先弟兄,和林玮麟弟兄。這八位候選人的個人簡介及其服事呼召都已公佈在教會交谊 厅。請在禱告中記念每一位候選人及其家庭,願神預備他們作教會忠心的管家。

教会理事会也通过提议卫拿单牧师从助理牧师升职成为教会副牧师。依照教会章程,此职位 升迁需要教会会友投票超过三分之二通过才生效。所以当天也会为此项提议投票。

教會理事會在此特別提醒您務必預留您的時間前來參加這次年會。出席會友大會是每一位會 友的權利和義務,您的出席至關重要,盼望您參加並為本次年會禱告。若當天您的確因故不 能出席,可以於10/21 日(主日) 至10/26 日(週五)期間內向教會辦公室助理王若彤姐妹領取缺 席票,並於教會任何一位理事會成員面前於10/27日(週六)中午以前投入在辦公室的投票箱。 願神祝福您和您的家人!



Church Annual Meeting – October 28th, 2018
Dear Church Members, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! The CBCGL Church Council cordially invites you to attend the upcoming Annual Congregational Meeting at 1:30PM‑3:30PM on October 28, in the first floor sanctuary.

Thanks be to God, as he faithfully watches over our church and each family in our daily lives, and continues to build us together into a dwelling place for God by his Spirit (Ephesians 2:22). Let us come together in the Annual Meeting to review the church ministry progress, count God’s blessings, and look ahead to next year’s objectives. We will introduce new members, elect new deacons, review objectives and present reports from each congregation and ministry. We will also provide updates from the Finance, Missions, and the Building Committee. We reserved 30 minutes of Q&A to hear your questions and concerns.

The elders Raymond Xie, Rick Shih, Ming Chiang and Sean Lee and the deacons Paul Fleming, Rick He, Thomas Chen and David Wong will complete their terms at the end of 2018. We thank the Lord for their faithful service. The Council has unanimously approved the candidates for the new elders and deacons recommended by the Nominating Committee. The four elder candidates are Raymond Xie, Rick Shih, Ming Chiang, and Jeremy Wu. The four deacon candidates are Thomas Chen, Charles Wang, Joe Chen, and Alan Lam. Their personal and ministry profiles have been posted on the display boards in the first floor fellowship hall. Please remember these candidates in your prayer as they prepare to serve at our church.

The church council also approved the promotion of Pastor Nathan from Assistant Pastor to Associate Pastor. According to the CBCGL bylaws, this position change requires congregation approval by two-third of votes. The voting will take place during the annual meeting.

The Church Council would like to remind you that participation in the Annual Congregational Meeting is a church member’s privilege and responsibility, and you are requested to make every effort to attend the meeting. If, for some reason, you are unable to vote in the congregational meeting, please obtain your absentee ballot from office assistant sister Rita Wang between 10/21 (Sun) ~ 10/26 (Fri), and cast the ballot in the ballot box in the church office in the presence of any member of the church Council no later than noon time on 10/27 (Sat).

May God richly bless you and your family! Serving Him in the Harvest Field together,

The CBCGL Council


PDF versions of this announcements: