Church News 10/28/2018

·    The church annual meeting will be held on 10/28 at 1:30PM.  Building project, leadership transition, deacon election, and the annual theme for 2019 are some key agenda items for this annual meeting.   The four deacon candidates for 2019 are: Joseph Chen (陈先), Thomas Chen (陈卫华), Alan Lam (林玮麟) and Charles Wang (王朝阳).  The four elder candidates are Elder Ming Chiang, Elder Rick Shih, Elder Raymond Xie and Jeremy Wu (吴鸿铭).  Please remember these candidates in your prayer.  We express our deep appreciation for the service of David Wong, Rick He, Paul Fleming and Elder Sean Lee.

·    We will have a mini-retreat for the English ministry on 11/3 (Sat), 10AM-3PM on the theme “Becoming A Welcoming Church”. Pastor John Frazier will lead our discussion.  Contact Pastor Gideon to sign up.

·    Young people in our church have the opportunity to participate in community service and cross-cultural missions, and experience God’s presence and God more in the process during our Boston and Costa Rica short term mission trips every summer. In order to support our Youth Ministry, we will hold 3 fundraisers this year. They are fall lunch, New Year Niangao charity sales and spring 5 kilo charity run. Lunch sale will be held on October 28th before our church annual meeting. Brothers and sisters can reserve tickets. Please continue to pray for the youth ministry.

Church will not hold special activity for Halloween this year. To encourage brothers and sisters to share gospel within your community, church will prepare gospel booklets for you to share.