2018 Annual Meeting Announcement

(English translation follows Chinese)


願恩惠、平安從我們的父神並主耶穌基督歸與你們!這封信是教會理事會誠摯邀請您來參加 本年度的教會會友大會。

日期:2018 年10 月28 日(主日)

時間:下午1:30 – 3:30


感謝神的恩典,祂看顾保守我們教会和每一個家庭每一天的生活,並在耶稣基督的恩典中不 断的建立我們成爲圣灵所居住的所在(弗2:22)。在會友大會中,讓我們一起來回顧今年各 項事工的進展,数算神的恩典,並展望明年的事工计划。在年會當中我們將欢迎新會友,选 举明年度的新執事,報告今年各堂事工的進展,同時也有建堂委員会的特别報告。事工報告 之後,將有半小時的問題回答時間,以便会友自由發言分享和提問。請所有会友務必出席。

谢颖刚长老,施开华长老,江世明长老和李新华长老,傅灵明弟兄,何晓松弟兄,黃永輝弟 兄,和陈卫华弟兄將於今年底將結束他們的长老和執事任期。我們由衷感謝他們忠心的服 事。教會理事會已通過了由提名委員會所推薦的候選人。明年度的四位长老候选人为谢颖刚 长老,施开华长老,江世明长老和吴鸿铭弟兄。四位執事候選人為:陈卫华弟兄,王朝阳弟 兄,陈先弟兄,和林玮麟弟兄。這八位候選人的個人簡介及其服事呼召都已公佈在教會交谊 厅。請在禱告中記念每一位候選人及其家庭,願神預備他們作教會忠心的管家。

教会理事会也通过提议卫拿单牧师从助理牧师升职成为教会副牧师。依照教会章程,此职位 升迁需要教会会友投票超过三分之二通过才生效。所以当天也会为此项提议投票。

教會理事會在此特別提醒您務必預留您的時間前來參加這次年會。出席會友大會是每一位會 友的權利和義務,您的出席至關重要,盼望您參加並為本次年會禱告。若當天您的確因故不 能出席,可以於10/21 日(主日) 至10/26 日(週五)期間內向教會辦公室助理王若彤姐妹領取缺 席票,並於教會任何一位理事會成員面前於10/27日(週六)中午以前投入在辦公室的投票箱。 願神祝福您和您的家人!



Church Annual Meeting – October 28th, 2018
Dear Church Members, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! The CBCGL Church Council cordially invites you to attend the upcoming Annual Congregational Meeting at 1:30PM‑3:30PM on October 28, in the first floor sanctuary.

Thanks be to God, as he faithfully watches over our church and each family in our daily lives, and continues to build us together into a dwelling place for God by his Spirit (Ephesians 2:22). Let us come together in the Annual Meeting to review the church ministry progress, count God’s blessings, and look ahead to next year’s objectives. We will introduce new members, elect new deacons, review objectives and present reports from each congregation and ministry. We will also provide updates from the Finance, Missions, and the Building Committee. We reserved 30 minutes of Q&A to hear your questions and concerns.

The elders Raymond Xie, Rick Shih, Ming Chiang and Sean Lee and the deacons Paul Fleming, Rick He, Thomas Chen and David Wong will complete their terms at the end of 2018. We thank the Lord for their faithful service. The Council has unanimously approved the candidates for the new elders and deacons recommended by the Nominating Committee. The four elder candidates are Raymond Xie, Rick Shih, Ming Chiang, and Jeremy Wu. The four deacon candidates are Thomas Chen, Charles Wang, Joe Chen, and Alan Lam. Their personal and ministry profiles have been posted on the display boards in the first floor fellowship hall. Please remember these candidates in your prayer as they prepare to serve at our church.

The church council also approved the promotion of Pastor Nathan from Assistant Pastor to Associate Pastor. According to the CBCGL bylaws, this position change requires congregation approval by two-third of votes. The voting will take place during the annual meeting.

The Church Council would like to remind you that participation in the Annual Congregational Meeting is a church member’s privilege and responsibility, and you are requested to make every effort to attend the meeting. If, for some reason, you are unable to vote in the congregational meeting, please obtain your absentee ballot from office assistant sister Rita Wang between 10/21 (Sun) ~ 10/26 (Fri), and cast the ballot in the ballot box in the church office in the presence of any member of the church Council no later than noon time on 10/27 (Sat).

May God richly bless you and your family! Serving Him in the Harvest Field together,

The CBCGL Council


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