Church News 7/15/2018

  1. Church rebuilding fund Praise the Lord. We received $300.00 church construction pledges last Sunday. At this point, the total pledge is $1,566,609.00. The actual amount received is $1,518,529.00. Please continue to pray that our God will provide all we need and we will participate for the 2nd pledge. Please put “Building Construction Pledge” on the memo line of the check. Brothers and Sisters please put the pledge form or building construction offering check in the offering collection bags as tithes and offerings are collected during Sunday worship.
  2. Construction of building B has started therefore, all parents should remind their children to walk on pedestrian’s walkway and watch out for the pedestrians during church construction.
  3. Baby dedication ceremony will be held on 7/22, any families with children 6 years old and under are welcome to join. Please contact Sister Nancy Li ( or Minister Tom Chow. Can also sign up on-line at:
  4. Youth Ministry Thank the Lord for His blessings the Costa Rica mission team came home safely. May God bless each one to get workout during the mission trip, continue to grow in Christ, and become Christ’s soldier. Let us continue to pray for the Nicaragua refugees.
  5. Boston Project short term mission team left on 7/8 and will return on 7/13. Please remember them in your prayers. Pray to God to keep them safe and healthy, let them experience God’s presence during community services.
  6. Costa Rica and Boston Project teams will share their experiences on 7/13 Friday at English sanctuary. Brothers and sisters are welcome.
  7. Children Ministry Children Ministry will train Sunday school teachers. If you do not have experience, you can start co-teaching with another teacher with experience. If you have burden, please contact Minister Tom Chow and Brother Augustine Ho.
  8. Welcome all youths, young adults and parents that have burdens to lead the children worship to participate the training session on 7/29 at 12:45 – 1:45 pm at children sanctuary (A105). Please contact children ministry worship coworker Elizabeth ( or Minister Tom Chow (。
  9. Adult Sunday school classes’ 旧约诗歌智慧书如何带领组查经locations have been changed from Room A102 to first floor sanctuary and Room A207B to A209.
  10. 2018 UK short term mission trip for COCM year end gospel camp
  11. Volunteer builders came to our church in last June have touched every one of us. Would you be willing to experience God’s guidance and presence in a mission trip? COCM yearend camp is the evangelical camps. Goals are to spread Gospel to seekers and sturdy the new believers’ faith. Camps’ dates are: Christmas Family Gospel Camp: 12/24 – 12/27 Send old and welcome new students gospel camp: 12/28-1/1 Welcome mature and loving Christians and families to participate the above camps. If you are willing to join this serving opportunity after praying, please email mission committee member Alsa shih, at
  12. Kitchen ministry will stop providing lunch during the summer (6/24-9/2). Will resume on 9/9.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the US government, senate and congress leaders to have a respectful, righteous, merciful and humble heart to lead this country. Also, pray for American people to be walking in Christ’s path.
  2. Pray for the current job searching brothers and sisters.
  3. Please pray for Sister Vivian Gillis’s mother’s returning to US smoothly.
  4. Praise the Lord! Sister (Grace Zhu) 朱瑤萍 ‘s mother had a successful surgery to remove her right kidney and part of her bladder and the wounds had been healed. A dialysis surgery was performed and everything went smoothly. Please continue to pray for her.
  5. Pray for Mrs Chan Yee’s shoulder pain, weakness and high blood pressure urgently.
  6. Pray for elder Sam’s brother-in-law 梅兆標 ‘s lung cancer related pain. Also pray for him to accept gospel. Please ask God to grant Amy and Sam to have wisdom to spread the gospel clearly to him.
  7. Pray for Andy and Leina’s third daughter Nazira ‘s right eye recovery after premature retinopathy surgery. Please continue to pray for her right eye to be able to self-develop normally.
  8. Sister Yujia Zhou’s fiancé Wei Wei was diagnosed ITP. Please pray for his doctor to have wisdom to select the right treatment for him.
  9. Please pray for elder Sam and Sister Amy’s mission trip.
  10. UML new students will arrive at US during the summer. Pray to our Father to guide our co-workers to unite together to contact and know them wisely. And welcome them to the Lord’s house.