MBB Week Information

Dear MBB-week hosts and volunteers,

Here are seven quick reminders and two PDFs for your handy reference this coming week. 

1. MBB will arrive at different days and time (most of them arrive on Friday), please obtain their flight information (arrival and departure) if possible.

2. Potluck-style dinner will start at 6PM Friday 6/1 at the 1/F cafeteria and throughout the evening until 9PM.  There will be a brief welcoming time at 6:30PM.  The whole family of every host is invited to join the Friday night dinner.  But please RSVP with Sophia Wong (sophia.wong@lowell.church) and plan to chip in your potluck dish!

3. The volunteers need to get up to come to church very early Saturday morning (7AM) after a long day of travel on Friday 6/1. (Some will have been up since 4AM).  Please make it easier for them to get to bed earlier!

4. CBCGL will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the volunteers on Saturday 6/2 at 7AM, 12PM, and 6PM.  

5. You as the host are expected to serve breakfast to the volunteers on Sunday 6/3.  CBCGL will have combined Sunday service at McCarthy Middle School starting 10-11:30AM.  Please feel free to make sight-seeing and dining plan with the volunteers for the rest of the day.

6. The volunteers are scheduled to arrive at church 7AM on Saturday 6/2 and 6AM on Monday through Friday 6/4 to 6/8.  They take care of their own breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They will have a time of worship and testimony after dinner every evening around 7PM at the 1/F sanctuary.  You are welcome to join.  They will leave church after 8:30PM. 

7. The volunteers will start packing after lunch on Friday 6/8.  They will take care of dinner themselves that evening.  Unless they indicated to your otherwise, most will stay at the host Friday overnight and leave on Saturday 6/9.

Host Family Q&A 05292018

Revised MBB Whole Week Schedule V.2 2018.05.29

As always, feel free to send CCVB coworkers questions and suggestions through email or other channels (e.g. WeChat, WhatsApp). Thank you!

Pastor Gideon