Church Bulletin May 27, 2018

  1. Church rebuilding fund  Praise the Lord. We received $581.00 church construction pledges last Sunday. At this point, the total pledge is $1,537,041.00. The actual amount received is $1,483,761.00. Please continue to pray that our God will provide all we need and we will participate for the 2nd pledge. Please put “Building Construction Pledge” on the memo line of the check. Brothers and Sisters please put the pledge form or building construction offering check in the offering collection bags as tithes and offerings are collected during Sunday worship.
  2. Demolition of building B has started therefore, when you come to church please look out to the traffic signs and routes, all paths of the parking lots are one-way traffic. Please pay attention to safety. All parents should take care of their children and watch out for the pedestrians during church construction.
  3. The first team of volunteer builders will be here to help us build our new church. The first team has a total count of 137 volunteers in 77 registration units with 38 of them being families and some even with children. Among the 137 volunteers, 23 of them will stay at hotel, 10 will stay at church, and the rest, over 100 volunteers, will stay at our brothers’ and sisters’ houses. Praise the Lord for calling so many volunteers to help us. Also Praise the Lord that so many families from our church are willing to open up their houses to host the volunteers. The number of hosting families even exceeds the number that is needed. Therefore, some families are not assigned any volunteers. When assigning host families, the committee took into consideration various factors such as distance and convenient to church, rides for volunteers, match between host and guest, and any special need indicated by either volunteers or host families, etc. Thank you all for your support and participation. Please pray for these hosting families as each of them might have to overcome certain inconveniences or even difficulties during hosting.  May God bless your faithful service.
  4. Youth Ministry Youth request prayers for youths and co-workers during the summer months. For every person who signs up to pray for one or two youths. Please join us to pray and witness the life changing power of God. Signup sheets will be ready next few Sundays at the cafeteria or youth fellowship room.
  5. Children Ministry In order to ensure the building ministry and volunteer builders’ need, and also base on the ongoing building constructions, building A may require to install safety survey. After council discussion, KMC decided to move the August VBS to the last week of June. It will be a joined camp with children from the Maryland’s team. Details will be announced later. 4th and 5th grades Children Sunday classes urgently need teachers, substitute teachers and teachers’ aid. If you have burden, please contact Minister Tom Chow and brother Augustine Ho. Note: If you do not have experience, you can start co-teaching with another teacher with experience.
  6. Next Sunday (6/3) Combined worship will be held from 10-11:30 am at McCarthy Middle School auditorium (250 North Rd, Chelmsford, MA 01824). Sunday school will be canceled. There will be map and direction in new comer’s room.
  7. There will be 10 volunteer builders staying at church. If you have extra twin size mattress or air mattress, bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters or sleeping bags for volunteer builders. Please contact CCVB committee members.
  8. Church will hold a picnic on 06/24 after Sunday worship at Brook Farm State Park and invite MBFC volunteer builders to join us. Please register to bring food to the picnic on
  9. Anyone who are interested in participating July 4th Independence Day parade, please register online at。 
  10. Request bottled water donation for volunteer builders Our church will need to provide large amount of bottled water to two volunteer builders in first and fourth weeks of June. Food subcommittee requests brothers and sisters if you have burden, please donate a case of 16 oz. of bottled water. Starting immediately, please leave the bottled water on the table next to the piano in first floor cafeteria on Friday night or Sunday. Thank you for your help.
  11. Boston Project lunch fundraiser will be held on 6/10 (Sunday). Please participate and reserve lunch. $5.00/each and reservation ends on 6/3 (Sunday).
  12. No lunch on 6/3.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for the US government, senate and congress leaders to have a respectful, righteous, merciful and humble heart to lead this country. Also, pray for American people to be walking in Christ’s path.
  2. Pray for the current job searching brothers and sisters.
  3. Please pray for Sister Vivian Gillis’s mother’s swollen feet to get better. Also, pray for her coming to US smoothly.
  4. Sister (Grace Zhu) 朱瑤萍 ‘s mother has blood clots in her urine and was admitted to the emergency room. CT scan showed water retained in the right kidney and ureter was thicker than before, she is still being examined. Please pray for her diagnosis and right treatment.
  5. Pray for Mrs Chan Yee’s shoulder pain and weakness.
  6. Pray for sister Yanyu Wu’s niece Liming Chen’s health. She had already accepted Jesus as her savior and currently is very sick.
  7. Praise the Lord. Andy and Leina’s third daughter Nazira left currently weights 5 lbs 12 oz. Please continue to pray for the health and eyesight of Nazira.