Prayer Walk for Construction Launch

Dear brothers and sisters,

To celebrate the launch of the new building construction, we plan to hold a mini prayer walk this coming Sunday (2/25/2018) from 12:30 to 12:50pm.  We will divide up into four teams.  Mandarin, English/Youth/Children, and Cantonese teams will gather at the courtyard to pray. The Elderly team will pray at the 1/F sanctuary.  The logistics of the prayer walk can be found here.  Do not forget raincoat and umbrella!

The committee for the coordination of volunteer builders (CCVB) has begun to recruit brothers and sisters to avail their houses for hosting volunteers and to support the volunteers on site.  There will be a special announcement Sunday.  Preliminary information and registration are now online.  Please visit this page for more information.

After further deliberation, we have decided to make the parking lot traffic one-way counter-clockwise during the duration of the building construction.  When you enter the parking lot, please turn right, go around the Building B construction site, and reach the parking lot before Building A via the back of the building.  When you exit, please follow the driveway in front of Building A facing Route 110.  Please visit this page for more details.

In Christ,

Gideon Lee

English Ministry Pastor, CBCGL