An Overview of the Coordination the Volunteer Builders

Two teams of volunteer builders will be visiting us at CBCGL this June.  The first team (Mobile Baptist Builders) consists of volunteers coming mostly from Alabama and they will be here from Friday 6/1 to Saturday 6/9.  The members of the second team (Maryland’s Builders for Christ) come primarily from Maryland and they will here from Friday 6/22 to Saturday 6/30.

For both teams, we need church members to help with (1) housing, (2) transportation, (3) cooking, (4) joining the volunteer builders at the construction site, and (5) participating in their evening worship celebration.  We will also need church members to (6) serve the Saturday dinners on 6/2 and 6/23, (7) assist in the outdoor worship services on 6/3 and 6/24.

Throughout this year, we will need helpers to lead initiatives in public relation, multimedia production, and prayer.

If you are interested in supporting the volunteers, please:

          Determine your availability f the weeks of 6/2-6/9 and 6/2-6/30 to host volunteers at your home or to assist at church.

          Learn about the requirements for hosting volunteer builders (Chinese: 关于接待建筑义工, English: Hosting Volunteer Builders).

          Complete the online form to communicate how you would like to support the volunteer builders.

Please mark the weekend of Friday 4/6- Sunday 4/8 on your calendar. The leaders from both teams will visit us at CBCGL to help us organize the support effort. Most planning meetings will happen in the morning of Saturday 4/7.